Zoe Berman is a singer-songwriter currently based in Denver, Colorado. Frequently performing as a one-woman band, she accompanies her sultry vocals on the piano and guitar, often complemented by a hand-built suitcase drum played with her feet.


Zoe "combines musicality and lyrical poeticism into a hypnotizing mélange of soul, jazz, and Americana music" to create a unique sonic experience that defies traditional genre classifications. 

Her songs are often auto-biographical, brimming with relatable narrative and sensorial imagery. "Zoe creates songs that are tender and utterly human" (Off-Kilter Media); she uses music as a catalyst for generating interpersonal connection and reinforcing a sense of shared humanity.

"With her single “Lilac Hour,” Berman gives listeners a glimpse at her ability to build a massive sonic atmosphere that progressively builds its energy. Now, she is demonstrating in her latest single, “Freezing Heat,” that she doesn’t need a three-minute runtime to wrap you around her finger." (303 Magazine). 

Zoe grew up in Simsbury, Connecticut. She started taking piano lessons as a young child and picked up the guitar as a teenager. She first began writing original music at the age of 12 and moved on to performing more frequently as a high school student. 


Growing up, Zoe was heavily influenced by Billy Joel, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire. Sonically, she is often compared to the likes of Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Lake Street Dive and Sammy Rae.


Zoe describes her approach to songwriting as a cathartic release of personal experience mixed with a linguistic puzzle, enabling her to craft tongue-twisting poetry, both lyrically and in her often spontaneous improvisations on the piano. Her music has been described as "bluesy, jazzy and sultry" with songs that are "stretching and dancing from note to note, octave to octave, like a thread being drawn by a musical, vocal needle."


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